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what is guided relaxation?

Reset Sessions are designed to combat the stress of the modern workday with thirty minutes of light massage and guided meditation. Here's what to expect of a typical session.


  • Take off your shoes and kick back in our luxurious recliner.  Let the ambient music begin to soothe you.
  • We'll start with massaging your hands.  As we work up your arms, you'll find your worries slipping away.
  • A warm neck wrap and a scented hot towel help you melt into the chair while we gently massage your scalp.
  • Our relaxation artists lead you through a mindfulness exercise, focusing your attention on your breath.
  • We slip out of the room, leaving you to revel in your relaxed state.
  • After ten minutes, we'll return with hot tea and chocolates to welcome you back to your day.



Naps for adults?

Sometimes, you just need a quick nap to get your head right. Maybe you were up late putting the finishing touches on a document, and now you need a quick 20 minute refresh to make sure you're ready to present.


Maybe you were up late dancing the night away or your kids kept you up. We believe in the power of a refreshing nap to boost your cognitive skills, memory, and energy level. We're here to give you what you need. Choose between our huge soft bean bag bed or a comfy recliner.


Do I need an appointment?

Yes.  We only accept appointments scheduled online.  Please book 4 hours in advance.  Reservations will be confirmed.


when Should I arrive?

Plan to arrive a few minutes early. Once you've checked in, you can sit in our reception area until your private relaxation room is ready. We're happy to provide a cup of tea or you can enjoy the complimentary salt water taffy.


What if I'm Late for my Session?

If you're running late, please call us (206-441-7011) and we'll try to make adjustments so that you can enjoy all of the time you scheduled. However, please understand that this won't always be possible. For shortened sessions, we will pro-rate the charges to the time you are able to use.


What if I need to Cancel?

We prefer to have 24 hours notice, but understand that life gets in the way. When you booked your session, we sent you a confirmation email. That email contains links to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Of course, you can call us directly (206-441-7011) and we'll update your appointment for you.


What Happens after I arrive?

We're in Suite 430, which is left from the elevators. Simply come through the door to our relaxing sanctuary.  Check in at the reception area. When your session is ready, our relaxation artist will show you to your private room, tell you what to expect, and make sure the session is customized for your ultimate state of relaxation.


How do I pay?

Payment is made in person, after your guided relaxation session or nap. We accept cash and all major credit cards.


Should I tip?

Gratuities are not expected or included in our prices, but can be given in cash or added to a credit charge.


What should I wear for my session?

Our Reset sessions include light hand, arm, shoulder, and head massage. We use lotion, but are careful to wash our hands before touching your clothes or hair. We offer kimono style robes if you are worried about your favorite shirt, or you can let us know if you prefer we don't massage over any clothing.